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One of the side effects of being me: most of the work that I produce has a concept and a certain rhythm. My use of color is motivated by emotion. I want people to hear and feel something when they look at my work.

I was born with way too much awesomeness and creativity, so I was split into two people; my twin will admit to this truth. I tried my best to run from my artistic abilities by exploring other possible career paths, but  I could not seem to escape from art's grip.

With no avail, I acquired the skills of a digital artist/ photographer starting right before high school (Okinawa, Japan) and throughout my tenure at Norfolk State University in Virginia.

In 2010, I was reunited with a camera and never put it down.

I put my all into what I do because I believe in it. I believe in the art. I believe in the concepts and rhythms. I believe in the emotion I feel that motivates my work.